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Factory Outlet OPEN Mon thru Sat 9 - 5
401 E Front St, Freeburg PA 17827
DIRECTIONS / MAP 570-374-8091
GPS: 40 45' 50.55" N 76 56' 6.43" W

Finish Choices

Dovetailing and Dowel Pinning
Combinations of "mortise and tenon" and "dowel pin" fastenings ensure maximum strength and durability. In all of Colonial's furnishings, the joints are hand-fit and hand-finished. 

Small details, such as fully dovetailed drawers, tell a great deal about a piece of furniture. The Solid Oak drawer sides and backs are precisely jointed to Solid Cherry drawer fronts. The interior of each drawer is completely sanded and finished, resulting in an interior that is beyond compare. 

Brass Hardware
Colonial uses drawer pulls, knobs, escutcheons, locks, and hinges made of solid brass.

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