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Furniture Made in America

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Factory Outlet OPEN Mon thru Sat 9 - 5
401 E Front St, Freeburg PA 17827
DIRECTIONS / MAP 570-374-8091
GPS: 40 45' 50.55" N 76 56' 6.43" W

Furniture Made in America

Since 1965, Colonial Furniture has been a high-quality source of furniture made in America. We specialize in expertly crafted solid cherry dining room and bedroom furniture. Historically our primary designs have been 18th century reproductions, however in recent years Colonial has introduced a new collection of Casual Cherry as well as Shaker to our product line. In addition, our exclusive factory in Central Pennsylvania also produces cherry bookcases, cherry coffee tables and oak dining room furniture.

-Dennis Van, President / Owner
  Freeburg, PA

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